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PHP Types and Typehints
This article will have a look at types and their type hints. For the type hint section you need to have php7.1 or greater.

In php there are two types of data types. Primitive and complex data types. Primitive data types can only hold one value at a time, like an integer. On the other side we have complex types which are a composition of other types. Like for exam
Higher Order Functions in PHP
This article will look at how higher order functions work in PHP and how to use them.

What is a higher order function
The general definition of a higher order function is a function that either takes another function as input or returns another function as output (Source). There are several examples in the PHP standard library that are higher order functions like
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The .DEV domain officially released on 28-02-2019 tells the world at large who you are and what you do. There are over 1.3 million tech startups and 18.2 million software developers globally. The .DEV domain is being enthusiastically adopted by start-ups, tech companies, developers and enthusiasts. .DEV domain is part of the Google domain portfolio which makes it highly credible and target
The USB kill or killer as you might prefer is a portable USB device that fries electronic devices in seconds. Research shows that 95% of mobile phones and laptops can be fatally damaged by this innocent looking USB kill device.

How It works
The USB Power Surge vulnerability is a common flaw in products with USB connections. To save money, manufacturers do not protect the p

Before this year runs out, the telecoms industries like Huawei and Samsung are looking up to upgrade to the 5th generation cellular network( known as 5G), which happens to be the successor of the current generation(4G) that was introduced in 2009.

Looking forward to this, the first 5G compatible devices has been released lately this and you read it up in the specs of the recently rele

OK, in JavaScript, actualizing OOP idea is a torment in the *ss particularly when you are doing this with ES5. Since JavaScript OOP design was very little all things considered in different language like C# and Java, JavaScript engineers will in general accomplish a greater amount of the works so as to change their way round the language while actualizing OOP. In ES6 Class was presented as

ES6 was shipped into Javascript engine in 2015 with a lot of sugar, arrow functions was the most popular new feature added in ES6. After then ES7, ES8, ES9 followed along and just in 2018 ES10 was rolled out also but still in draft.

Though ES10 features has not yet been implemented in recent browsers since they are still in unstable version, but there is no crime learning these features
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MySQL is the most commonly used Relational Database Management System(RDMS) for the Web. It is open source and has a free community version. It provides all those features that can be provided by an enterprise-level database.
The default settings provided with the MySQL installation may not be so good
for performance, and there are always ways to fine-tune these settings to get an improved
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Great news for Infinix Note 5 users, congratulations! you can now upgrade your phone to the latest Android OS, 9.0 Pie.
Android 9.0 Pie is now fully available for Infinix latest device(Note 5).

Just before the official release, some beta testers users were requested. However, this upgrade is now available to everyone that is on the infinix note 5 platform.

Guides to install this

As we all might have experienced when writing codes that sometimes writing a clean and maintainable code is always the issue since we battle with our mindset especially as beginners doubting if what we are doing is actually the right solution, pattern or style. Sometimes this has led to argument between developers about which style is the best to use as everybody believes that what he or s
Samsung today announced the release of their premium phone brand, the long awaited Galaxy S10 series. Call it a galaxy of galaxies because that is what it is. The phone launched with a four variants including the amazing S10 5G ( I mean 5G internet enabled) amazing right? Now lets head over to their specs and prices.

Galaxy S10e Budget Friendly smartphone.

This variant is the cheap
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