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Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S10 Specifications S10 Release S10e S10+ S105G S10 price Phones
Samsung today announced the release of their premium phone brand, the long awaited Galaxy S10 series. Call it a galaxy of galaxies because that is what it is. The phone launched with a four variants including the amazing S10 5G ( I mean 5G internet enabled) amazing right? Now lets head over to their specs and prices.

Galaxy S10e Budget Friendly smartphone.

This variant is the cheap
infinixnote5 android 9 note 5 stylus system update android pie
Great news for Infinix Note 5 users, congratulations! you can now upgrade your phone to the latest Android OS, 9.0 Pie.
Android 9.0 Pie is now fully available for Infinix latest device(Note 5).

Just before the official release, some beta testers users were requested. However, this upgrade is now available to everyone that is on the infinix note 5 platform.

Guides to install this
5G 5G speed 5G network 5G innovation Future network Huawei 5G Samsung 5G

Before this year runs out, the telecoms industries like Huawei and Samsung are looking up to upgrade to the 5th generation cellular network( known as 5G), which happens to be the successor of the current generation(4G) that was introduced in 2009.

Looking forward to this, the first 5G compatible devices has been released lately this and you read it up in the specs of the recently rele
USB kill USB killer USB surge USB frier Iphone X Gaxlaxy Note 9
The USB kill or killer as you might prefer is a portable USB device that fries electronic devices in seconds. Research shows that 95% of mobile phones and laptops can be fatally damaged by this innocent looking USB kill device.

How It works
The USB Power Surge vulnerability is a common flaw in products with USB connections. To save money, manufacturers do not protect the p
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